I’ve been interested in everything creative and artistic since a very young age. I remember drawing and coloring a lot when I was little but really, truly discovering my artistic ability in Junior High. I took Art as an elective way back then and it was an awakening to my ‘gift.’ I first became interested in photography in High School. I took a photography class and was introduced to a whole new world beyond the “point and shoot” type camera. My first real camera was a 35mm SLR camera. I fell in love with black and whites and capturing landscapes and unusual angles of structures.


My business first began as Creative Mind Images in February of 2013. What first started as a creative outlet and hobby has grown into my passion, my love, and a legitimate business venture. My focus at first was on landscapes and images of light. I fell in love with the sunrise and sunset and enjoyed heading out before dawn and just before sunset to try and “catch” the light. My first portrait session came at the request of a friend who asked if I’d be willing to take family pictures for them. I did and drove away from that first photo shoot with a smile on my face and a glow in my heart. I was hooked. I posted the images from the session on my Facebook page and scheduled a couple more sessions with other families and it grew from there. . . Life and times change however and as such it was time for a change with my business as well! In July 2015 I changed my business to Shelly Freeman Photography.


A little more about me: I’m married and have three beautiful daughters whom you’ll see pop up on my photo feed from time to time. They are all different and unique individuals and the loves of my life. I love music and singing, drawing and painting, sewing, reading and writing, graphic design and cooking. I’ll try most foods at least once and have only met a few foods I don’t like! (Who invented Liverwurst anyway?! Bleckh!) My favorite foods are sushi (green dragon roll) and anything Italian. I make a mean salsa and think that pizza is the complete food (it covers all of the main food groups!).  I love to run and have completed several half-marathons. I enjoy working out and staying fit and hope to be that grandma still running half-marathons when I’m in my 70’s.

My goal is to blend my love of the outdoors and the beauty of nature with my passion for portrait photography. I want to capture each client in a beautiful setting and create images to be cherished for generations to come. I like to work with natural light even when working indoors. I strive to customize each session to each client’s individual needs and want to make each session comfortable, fun and carefree. I work constantly at enriching my knowledge of photography through countless hours of study, practice, and by seeking the advice and wisdom of others who have mastered the craft.  Shelly Freeman Photography is the product of those efforts, and I hope that you will give me the opportunity to help you capture beautiful moments in your lives that you will cherish forever.



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